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4 Reasons to Rethink Your Compensation and Benefits Hiring

4 Reasons to Rethink Your Compensation and Benefits Hiring

Large organizations looking to rethink their HR and benefits hiring practices have more challenges before them than any other point in the last two decades. Competition in the workforce is fierce as high-paying jobs become more and more sought after in the technology and software development fields (especially in the Pacific Northwest). Couple this newfound reality with continued changes in healthcare and health benefits and it’s no wonder human resource departments are spread thin. As you assess the key aspects of your HR, take into careful consideration your compensation and benefits strategy. After all, money isn’t everything, but it’s an important part of your company’s future. Top talent won’t stay where they’re not appreciated, leaving a huge onus on compensation and benefits professionals to attract and maintain great employees throughout periods of growth and contraction alike.

When seeking new expertise in this area, consider the following:

#1 – Is my compensation and benefits strategy focused and effective?

Does your recruitment effort focus exclusively on compensation and benefits professionals, or is it simply a box to be checked during the process? Finding individuals who are uniquely suited to leading your compensation and benefits strategy could be the difference between landing big talent and missing out.

#2 – Is my recruitment plan comprehensive?

No two companies are exactly alike, so why should your recruitment process be cookie-cutter and one-size-fits-all? In finding and hiring the right talent, your method should be defined by what makes your company unique and how the right hire can change your organization for the better.

#3 – Is my screening process fully featured?

Do your new hires have the dedication and credentials necessary to improve the future of your business? Without a complete, thorough screening process that filters through only the best candidates for your organization, that “dream hire” could turn out to be a nightmare.

#4 – Does the current strategy help or hurt my company in the long run?

Every level of your business has the potential to make or break your company over the long run. That’s why Compass Total Rewards dedicates our time and resources into finding the perfect match for your company’s present needs and anticipates future growth and change with each decision. We know the importance of attracting and maintaining key talent throughout each level of your operation. To learn more about our approach to compensation and benefits hiring, contact our team today.

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