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Compensation & Benefits Recruitment

Finding talented compensation and benefits professionals can be challenging. At Compass Total Rewards, we deliver top- notch compensation & benefits talent that aligns with your organization professionally and culturally. Whether you are looking for compensation and benefits professionals at the analyst, manager, director or VP level, we’ve got you covered. With our extensive network of connections, unique experience and thoughtful approach, we are able to successfully uncover top talent for your organization.


Through competency interviews, culture assessment, references and our deep understanding of compensation and benefits, we evaluate and identify the right individuals to match your company needs. Our goal is to be true advisers to you during all phases of a search.
Whether your company is small, mid-sized, or a large Fortune 500 company, our team quickly and professionally locates candidates who match your requirements and goals. We place candidates on a direct hire, contract to hire, or a temporary basis to match your business needs.

A New Approach to Compensation & Benefits Recruitment

With in-house experience from Cisco Systems, Intellectual Ventures, Affymetrix, National Semiconductor, Novellus Systems, and Northrop Grumman, Nancy Ellington saw a unique opportunity in the Compensation & Benefits search marketplace. For years, she utilized several of the region’s leading human resources search firms when filling critical mid- and senior-level compensation and benefits openings. These firms are good to this day, with strong people and respectable search processes.


However, Nancy saw an opportunity to do Compensation & Benefits searches differently. She passionately believed in not only creating a unique boutique compensation and benefits consulting firm, but one that also provides specialized compensation and benefits placement. Her recruiting team is led by former Compensation & Benefits practitioners and staffed by highly trained search professionals, who employ innovative tools and processes. With their deep understanding of Compensation and Benefits, they understand terms such as burn rate and overhang. Unlike other human resources search firms, Compass Total Rewards provides a unique and industry-redefining search experience for candidates and clients alike.

4 Reasons to Choose Us for Recruitment & Search

Reason #1 – Compensation & Benefits Focus

  • Our recruitment efforts focus exclusively on compensation and benefits placement
  • Our goal is to find individuals that match the job requirements and place them in roles where they can hit the ground running and start adding value from the moment they arrive

Reason #2 – Effective Recruiting Processes

  • Our methods are based on a thorough understanding of your unique needs
  • We utilize a comprehensive evaluation and assessment process to match your company with the best talent, quickly and efficiently

Reason #3 – Comprehensive Candidate Screening

  • Our screening process assures you that all candidates are thoroughly vetted and have the dedication, integrity and credentials you require, along with the experience and qualifications needed

Reason #4 – Client Focus

  • We build knowledge of each client’s needs and corporate culture, enabling us to provide ideal candidates to fill compensation and benefits positions
  • We treat clients with professional courtesy and discretion at every point in our relationship
  • We will ask questions, listen closely, and develop a strategic search plan that will deliver the results you need