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Compensation & Benefits Recruitment
Need Compensation & Benefits expertise? Compass Total Rewards can help. We have experience at the analyst, manager, and executive levels.
Executive Compensation
Compensation Committees are under increased scrutiny when it comes to compensation programs. Compass Total Rewards will deliver independent, credible and comprehensive advice in this area.
Compensation Committee Meeting Preparation
We can help you plan and prepare for compensation committee meetings, arming you with data to deliver a compelling, competitive and defensible pay strategy.
Short and Long-Term Incentive Plan Design
Compass Total Rewards designs incentive plans that focus on organizational, strategic and financial goals to improve your bottom line.
Sales Compensation
Successful companies maximize their sales investment by using the right sales compensation plans to motivate performance and drive business results.
Survey Submissions
Survey submissions can be very time-consuming. Our consultants are very knowledgeable on the formats required by survey companies such as Radford and Milliman.
Job Evaluation
Job evaluation provides a basis on which to ensure roles of similar importance to the business receive similar financial rewards.
Market Review
Understanding your market is essential to attract, motivate and retain your employees. We help ensure your organization remains competitive.
Board of Directors Compensation
We provide clients with innovative approaches for evaluating, designing, and implementing compensation programs for your board of directors.
Benefits Design & Administration
Compass Total Rewards will provide your organization with all aspects of benefit plan design, communication, and compliance.